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If you want to:

√ Create higher profits $$$ and generate consistent income
√ Elevate your current marketing and sales efforts
√ Create several more revenue streams PASSIVE (this means they sell on their own)
√ Design a brilliant online presence with your website and social networks
√ Write services that speak to your customer
√ Write offers that make your clients feel like you are speaking to them
√ Grow your email list on autopilot
√ Learn how to design, set up and market virtual products, courses, programs and membership sites (and figure out what content you can be selling in them)

Then YOU are who I designed this course for!

If you feel like you have hit a ceiling or your limit to what you earn in your business or someone else's THIS BOOTCAMP IS FOR YOU!


 begins Wednesday-August 30th

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What you will learn in the 6 week bootcamp

1. How to speak your client's language and write compelling offers that get them to buy from you TODAY

2. How to grow your email list like a rockstar and automate income (regardless of your specialty. PS- EVERYONE should be doing this!)

3. How to design your website to be a 24/7 selling POWERHOUSE

4. How to get in magazines, on TV, on the radio and interviewed online by influential bloggers and podcasters which leads to a surge in sales

5. How to spot and land your ideal client quickly

6. How to gracefully turn down clients that are not right for you so you open yourself up to high vibe, high paying clients that value what you have to offer.

7. How to make your clients think you designed all your services and offers for them.

8. What your services should say and how much they should be.

9. How to easily create, market and sell a virtual product on autopilot. OH HELLO passive income!

10. How to create multiple revenue streams so that you are never reliant on one. This is easy!

11. How to create a membership site, find inspiration for monthly content, price it and market it.

12. How to create, market and sell an online course.

13. Learn the automated measures to put in place so that you love what you do daily versus resenting running a business. This frees up your time and energy to do what you love more of the time!

14. How to design a long-term marketing custom blue print for sustained and increased income you can rely on. 

15. How to create sales funnels that take clients from low end to high end offers and from short term to long term, high paying clients!

16.How to design your opt-in offers for your website, email and social media that turn lookers into buyers.

17. How to design, write and set up successful Facebook and Instagram ads on a super low budget that win you sales!

18. Learn how to have an eagle eye and spot opportunities months in advance for making more money, and creating valuable partnerships with individuals and businesses.

19. Learn the power and freedom of diversifying your income into multiple streams.

20. Learn the best software you should be using to automate your marketing and how to use it.

21. How to use a special languaging technique that I've used to close over $115,000 in sales recently!!

22. How to upsell current clients and turn them into long term 12 months or longer clients.

23. How to get 12 + sales from a client versus a one off purchase. This is a lesson on creating mutually rewarding partnerships with your clients so you sleep easy knowing money is coming in.

This is literally hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of strategy and guidance that will catapult your income and when applied, you will make 5-10x OR more MONEY than you are making now!

This will change the way you do business forever and how you experience and enjoy your life from here on out. Since I learned these strategies and teach them, I have reaped incredible rewards financially and in quality of life and freedom. 





(Email me if you want to arrange for two payments ashley@perfectwavemarketing.com )

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Lifetime unlimited access to a private membership site where you will login now or 100 years from now for your:

√ Live Weekly Group Virtual Training Sessions with me on Zoom during the bootcamp

(These sessions are recorded and available for you to watch and rewatch anytime now or 100 years from now if you can't make the live session)

√ Worksheets On Each Topic

√ Videos To Train You On The Topics

√ Fill In The Blank Templates (no guessing on your part)

√ Email Support From Me Personally (if you have questions, I am here for you during the week)

√ Print out or rewatch any of the videos and materials for the rest of your life!

√ One 90 minute private 1:1 Zoom session with me 

3 HUGE Bonuses ($1397 VALUE)

BONUS 1: 'How to Grow Your Email List To Be In The Thousands' 21 page guide (value $97)

BONUS 2: One additional 90 minute zoom 1:1 with me (value $300)

BONUS 3: Text message support from me during the six weeks (value $1000) 



SEND ME AN EMAIL TO SIGN UP WITH A FRIEND! ashley@perfectwavemarketing.com 

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After 13 years of working with hundreds of clients in all different industries all over the world, I took the best of the best of all my marketing and public relations knowledge and designed a '6 Week Marketing & PR Bootcamp To Explode Your Income' to get you making the money you desire! This is not mumbo jumbo. These are the same proven methods and strategies that I teach my VIP clients that are in my $33,000 per year program!  

I've weeded out all the unnecessary crap that keeps you spinning your wheels in indecisiveness and spending money where it doesn't matter.  I'm teaching you everything you need to do in order to create high profits and consistent income to get you closer to your goal of financial security.

Put these measures in place and I promise you will feel confident and excited and have a whole new understanding of what it means to have a brand, get sales and plan for the future. Plus, you will feel like a marketing and PR professional, no longer wondering where you should be concentrating your efforts.

I WISH I had someone to give me access to these golden nuggets in the beginning. I would have saved a lot of time and money and gotten to the top quicker. 

Why am I doing this? Because I know when you have a small business or are just starting out that your budget often doesn't lend itself to hiring a marketing firm at a premium price with a 12 month or more commitment. Mine DEFINITELY DID NOT.  But here's the thing - -- that doesn't mean that you don't deserve to reap the same money benefits that those companies with marketing budgets do. In fact, if you are receiving this email, we have met and I know you have hustle, drive and determination. You deserve prosperity. You are a go getter. You are the type that says "show me how to do it and I will make it happen!" So that is what I am offering. I'm going to show you how to do it so you can be in charge of your financial destiny. And I'm going to offer it at a fraction of the price. 

Everything you learn will reroute how you currently perceive the best ways to make money. You will take the knowledge I am sharing and you will implement it for the rest of your life for any and all of your business endeavors. 

This is the blueprint you have been waiting for. This answers your question, "What should I be focusing on now and how do I do it on a shoe string budget and still generate a significant amount of income that I can count on regularly?"

And I'm doing it in easy to understand language - if you can send an email, you can implement everything I'm teaching. 

It is everything I wish I knew when I first started my business. And it is for Guys and Gals!

HAVE QUESTIONS OR WANT TO MAKE SURE THIS COURSE IS RIGHT FOR YOU AND WHAT YOU OFFER? Click here or email me at ashley@perfectwavemarketing.com

How is this different from all the other courses out there?

It's no secret there are a ton of courses to choose from out there...here is how this course is different:

√ Other courses are priced similarly and only offer guidance on 1 topic, I'm teaching 23 topics!

√ I am an accredited, award-winning marketing and public relations professional with my own firm since 2010 and have been in this business since 2004. This means I eat, sleep and breathe these strategies and I absolutely MUST stay on top of the best methods for my clients. I am NOT teaching you something I learned off YouTube last week:) 

√ I've worked with everyone from celebrities to multi-million dollar companies to individuals with no money but want to get a business idea off the ground. And guess what? I give the EXACT SAME effort to the multi-million dollar companies as I do the person just starting out. I do not skimp or hold back knowledge based on your bank account. 


I'm 100% invested in this material and teaching and believe when you are also 100% committed to learning and implementing great things happen for you versus when you have one foot on the gas and one foot on the break. For this reason, there are no refunds. By purchasing, you are agreeing to my no refund policy and you are ready to totally change the way you do business for the better, forever!




(Email me if you want to arrange for two payments ashley@perfectwavemarketing.com )

HAVE QUESTIONS OR WANT TO MAKE SURE THIS COURSE IS RIGHT FOR YOU AND WHAT YOU OFFER? Click here or email me at ashley@perfectwavemarketing.com