Ashley Steinmetz Owner/Founder- Perfect Wave Marketing

Ashley Steinmetz

Owner/Founder- Perfect Wave Marketing

Perfect Wave Marketing is one of the most respected boutique firms in the world.

I love marketing and public relations. There are so many amazing opportunities for individuals to take their ideas and turn them into profitable businesses that fulfill their lives.

My mission is to connect individuals to their prosperity with effective marketing strategy. 

I've been in sales and marketing for over 13 years. When I first opened my own firm in 2010 in Austin, Texas I had clients from all different industries. Although I learned a lot about other industries during this time, I began to realize that I needed to follow my heart and align with my true passion, and that was to guide clients who are in the wellness and travel businesses. These included lightworkers, visionaries, yogis, energy healers, wellness hotels and spas, change agents and anyone who has a passionate vision to bring joy and positivity to this planet. 

If you are looking to start or grow your business, I designed my offers for you.

I can listen to your idea, and immediately see a clear blueprint for branding, messaging, marketing, launch and sales that is customized to your goals and dreams.

I instinctually spot major opportunities for publicity and marketing success to elevate business abundance. I can tell you exactly what needs to go, how to elevate your existing efforts, and can create fresh strategy to take your business to cosmic heights.  My clients say I am focused, creative, intuitive and relentless in the pursuit of PR & Marketing success and that my enthusiasm is contagious. 

I am partnered with Cision, the number one public relations company in the world which allows me access to media opportunities for my clients that are not available to the public. I've gotten clients featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Yoga Journal, Conde Nast, Travel + Leisure, Business Insider and more. You can view all the press wins here

I truly love working with clients who are serious and excited about taking their business to new heights and I encourage everyone to play like confident giants in this life time. You deserve to be the architects of your lives!

I offer consulting for individuals and for businesses anywhere in the world as well as online programs. I even offer marketing and PR training through workshops and retreats. Check out my upcoming retreats on my RETREATS page. 

I regularly and happily travel all over the world to visit clients and spend the majority of my time between Austin, Laguna Beach, Tampa and Westhampton Beach. 

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To your crazy, abundant life!

Ashley Steinmetz

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