How To Use Tweetstorm To Promote Your Business

Twitter is upping their game

Did you know that hashtags and location tagging all began with Twitter? This social network really has pioneered some amazing features to market our business and be found easier online by customers and clients. Thanks, Twitter.

Plus Twitter has been getting a ton of attention recently when they upped their character count limit from 140 to 280! That doubles what you can post, allowing a more in-depth account of what you are sharing. This definitely bodes well for those of us using Twitter to market our business. You can now entice, have a call to action, and include a link with the 280 character count VERSUS trying to squeeze text, link, usernames and hashtags into the old 140 character limit...however did we manage?! And how much time did we spend sizing down posts to say just the right thing?

But now there's a rumor that something else {very awesome} is brewing over at Twitter headquarters that will get all of us a little more enthusiastic to market our business. 

Taking the world by #Tweetstorm

Whispers about a new Twitter feature called, 'tweetstorm' are lingering about with some lucky accounts even possessing the capability already. 

What is Tweetstorm?

In a nutshell... instead of posting just one 240 character tweet, tweetstorm allows you to write and post a series of related tweets in the app. 

What to expect: When you go to write a new tweet, you'll see a plus ( + ) sign that lets you post a series of tweets one on top of the other. 

Once you formulate your perfect tweetstorm, you click 'tweet all' at which point twitter posts your tweets. 

So what does this mean for businesses and how they market themselves? Before you even have access, you can get a jump on how to take full advantage of this awesome feature in order to market yourself and your business online. Here are some ways to use tweetstorm to promote your business. 

7 ways to use tweestorm to promote your business.png

1. Tweetstorm Top (10) Lists

Think Travel + Leisure and how they annually name their top places, islands, and hotels. Put together your top 10 list and tweetstorm it.

2. Tweetstorm Suspense Stories

Everyone loves a good cliffhanger. Give all the clues to big news you are about to announce and then leave them hanging until your next tweetstorm itch.

3. Tweetstorm How Tos

There's nothing better than a succinct how to list in a world with an attention span less than a goldfish. Can you think of a better platform than Twitter to deliver concise one liner instructions on how to do something? Business tutorials in every industry on multiple topics can excel with this theme as the directive. 

4. Tweetstorm Count Downs

Perfect for the reveal of anything! 3, 2, 1, wait for it..... PROMO CODE! Or, 5 minutes to happy hour, 4 minutes to happy hour, 1 minute to margarita madness! 

5. Tweetstorm Stories

Get creative. Twitter lets you use images and Gifs so you can post a sequential tweetstorm leading up to a feeling using imagery. Or use text to tell a brand story. 

6. Did You Know #tweetstorms

Factoids are the best. Let followers discover things they didn't know about your business, people in your business or industry. These have a high share rate.

7. Tweetstorm Excerpts

Now you can really showcase your most recent blog post. Use each tweet to lead into the blog story or promote call to actions. You have more text real estate to persuade followers off Twitter and over to your blog. 

It's always a smart idea to be prepared for how you can take advantage of new technology to market your business. Thinking this way keeps you ahead of the game. Which idea out the seven above gets you inspired?