Put This On Your Website To Increase Your Chances Of Publicity

Welcome to Day 2! Today I'm sharing a handy checklist to cruise through and see if your website makes the 'media friendly website' cut. 

Here's the scenario...

You want media coverage (to increase sales, to introduce you/your brand, etc.) so you pitch a journalist (or another member of the media), journalist then visits your website, journalist doesn't find the amazingness you pitched them matching up to what's on your website or worse, they can't find what they are searching for with ease. 

So why is this so important?

Well because when a journalist visits your website (which they regularly do to vet you before they consider having a verbal conversation with you), they can actually scour it for a better or improved story than the original angle, and they can immediately see how to make your story more interesting to their audience. Trust me, they are great at what they do. Business owners can sometimes find it challenging to think outside of their box of knowledge (I experience this, too) and so it pays to be open to creative suggestions from experts who know what their audience wants (as long as it is in line with your integrity.)

Without further ado, here is the checklist to make your website media professional friendly.

√ High Resolution photos and videos that the media can use in your story whether it is featured online or in print... Photos of you, employees, your business and you in action performing your services and with clients are all excellent images to have available. 

√ Up to date bio with a current 2017 photo of you.

√ Previous media mentions with links to any coverage you have had in the past . If you got it, flaunt it!

√ An enhanced About page – Beyond what year you opened and what you offer, add what your intentions are...This is an opportunity to give an expansive view and highlight what makes you different from others. Do you offer your services worldwide, are you involved in any causes, what does the future hold for you/your business? Who do you love working with? What is your ideal client? What are you aiming for? Do you want to expand or stay mobile and on the move?

√ A current blog – In your tone and sentiment (no clinical reports please). Journalists need to see what it would be like to have a conversation with you to see what your feeling and vibe is like. This is also one of the best ways to show off your expertise. 

√ Make sure your website is mobile and tablet friendly - Something like 80% of your website visitors are viewing your website from their MOBILE device. Go ahead, check your Google Analytics for the percentage and prepare to be astounded. When is the last time you checked out your own website on your mobile device? Please do it, like, right now. Is it easy to navigate? Get in contact with you? Locate your business? Purchase your services/products? Or are you having to pinch and expand your screen, zooming in and zooming out? Website visitors and especially members of the media won’t spend more than 3 seconds on a site that is a pain in the ass to navigate especially if they think their readers will run into challenges visiting your online presence. 

PLUS your eyes might pop out of your head if you knew the money you were leaving on the table every time someone passes on your website and moves on to the next website in the Google search results. 

But don't freak out because you probably have great content on your site already, you just need to transfer it to a mobile friendly website platform. I’m in love with Squarespace right now. It is what I design all my clients websites in as of 2016. Click here to contact me for assistance with this.

Here are screenshots I took on my iPhone of my website.

See how the images, text and buttons all line up nicely?


√ Include your contact details in the header and footer and several places throughout your site.

√ Links to your social media sites (the ones you keep current). For example, my Instagram is the best site for the media to get to know my personality and what I offer so that is the social media site I will refer them too. 

√ Testimonials – Perhaps the most powerful testament to your expertise is a third party (PS. this is why public relations is sooo important). You can never have too many testimonials.  Scroll down to the very bottom of this post for a free script I created and give to clients to ask someone for a testimony. Feel free to copy and make it your own.

√ Press kit - Your press kit or media kit is a downloadable folder of documents that include all of the above checks mentioned plus possible story angles, press release(s), videos, detailed services and/or products you offer with nice graphic design, business/company background, FAQ sheet, marketing brochures and anything else that supports or tells the story of your business/you. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Day 3 of PR Coaching... the single most important thing to do BEFORE you ask the media to feature you. 



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