How To Maximize Any Publicity You Get To Win More Publicity And Increase Sales $$$

Congratulations! You landed yourself publicity! Now what?

Do you leave the media outlet (podcast, magazine, blog, tv, radio) to take over from here?

No way Jose.

It's YOUR business. And you have a million amazing tools to maximize the reach of your publicity and all of them are free. 

Not to mention you ABSOLUTELY need to use your latest coverage as leverage to obtain more coverage. And it needs to happen immediately. There is an expiration on how long you can use your latest coverage to coast on. So you want to keep your momentum going. Build your snowball. 

Beyond posting a link to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, (which you should saturate the week before the coverage then the week during) there are many ways to stretch publicity like a piece of laffy taffy.


Post links to your coverage with highlights in areas of your website where visitors will easily find them.

  • The header (menu navigation)
  • Create a dedicated 'press wins' or 'in the news' page
  • Reference and link to it in your blog posts

Social Media

Share direct links to the coverage and be sure and insert thank yous. Highlight the journalist that covered the story and tag the media outlet. If it’s a feature in Travel & Leisure magazine or another top tier outlet, you may consider boosting that post and creating a Facebook and Instagram ad that highlights your press win to grow your following.

Email newsletters

Dude, tell your list! It builds your credibility. 

Follow up story

Contact the journalist/reporter/host who ran the story with a follow up suggestion. A part two to the story.

Marketing materials

Include all press mentions in your press kit, brochures, postcards.

Email Sign offs

Include a link to your recent coverage in your email signature. "Listen to me talk success on the award winning Duct Tape Marketing Podcast."

Blog About It

Create content around your media coverage. Elaborate on the story.

Squeeze it

You literally want to squeeze that publicity for all it’s worth! Having a game plan beforehand is the difference between a single day of excitement or having a longterm surge in sales for months to come.

Imagine The Possibilities

A perfect example of this would be recently when I won a client local TV coverage. Within 24 hours the interview spread through the news networks regionally, then nationally. Online influencers from coast-to-coast blogged, tweeted, and shared links to the story. Instead of just the city where the business was located being told the story, millions from California to New York and every major city in between saw the coverage. This drove massive visits to the client’s website and the organic search results from the posts, articles and new sites still are first to be seen and predominantly responsible for sending visitors to the client’s website today…almost a year after the coverage. 

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