Go after these! Opportunities beyond magazines, radio and tv for publicity

Welcome to Day Five of Seven Days of PR Coaching!

Today we are talking about opportunities beyond magazines, radio and TV for publicity. If you are hesitating to reach out to editors, journalists and producers, the below 'dip your toe in the water' list of PR suggestions is perfect for you. You can start this outreach tomorrow and make major traction in your sales and business reputation.  

Instagram influencers

√ Do an exchange, promote their service in exchange for them promoting you. Email me if you want the script I use to ask an instagram influencer to partner without money exchanging hands. I give this to clients and use it myself. It works like a charm. 

√ Instead of going after one Instagrammer with a huge following, go after five micro-influencers. Their audience is typically more loyal and targeted. Don't become disillusioned with large numbers/follower counts. Trust me. Never discount an Instagram or other social media account with 1000 followers and what it can do for you. 


Search for bloggers who have an audience of readers similar to your ideal client. Pitch them a couple of story ideas and ask if you can be a guest blogger where you write an informative article (in YOUR tone and personality style. Remember you are building YOUR brand). You can also offer to do a Q & A format where they ask you questions and you answer. Provide value. Again, the focus is not you selling your products, it is you educating and being understanding of people's pain points.


Partner with an established business who is having an event and has an advertising and PR budget. Offer to add value to their event by:

  • Giving away your free service to every person that purchases from the business 
  • Offering free services during the event
  • Doing giveaways/drawings during the event

It's not about making money at these events. The money comes after. It's about goodwill, The introducing your brand to the locals. Making a good impression. When you approach a business to ask if you can enhance their event, it needs to come 100% from a place of 'how can I serve your needs/customers?' The return at the least you should receive are emails so you can keep in touch. Line one of these up at least 1x per month.


  • Speak at events, 5-10 minutes giving valuable education in the form of tips or a demonstration.
  • Teach free or low cost workshops. Be sure and get attendee's emails.
  • Give samples of your products in gift bags in exchange for emails of the attendees.

Line one of these up at least 1x per month.

Start a Podcast

See Day One of my Seven Day Series of FREE PR to learn the value of being interviewed on a podcast and starting your own podcast. If you can stick to a regular schedule, you can invite guests who have the same target market as your customers, immediately expanding your reach. 


What businesses immediately come to mind when you think of partnering?

What instagram accounts have a vibe and follower base that is a good match for your style, offerings and personality?

Where can you give a free workshop or guest speak? Look up meetups and networking events or invite people to an event you host. 

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