The Perfect Type Of Publicity If You Are New To Getting Media Coverage

Day 1 in a 7 day post series on highly valuable PR guidance

This type of media outlet is on fire right now and it is small business, big business and solopreneur friendly. In my opinion, it is totally underrated compared to the value it can bring you.

And remember, with public relations, you do not pay the media outlet anything to be interviewed or featured. But it is up to you to convince them to feature you. 

The return on this type of media coverage is incredible. You'll experience increased website visits, brand exposure in search engines, build credibility (people believe you know what you are talking about) and the format is usually casual and relaxed...perfect for those who are new to media interviews.

It is also a great way to network, expand your contacts, and piggy back off of someone else's audience. 

I'm talking about good ol' podcasts.

Podcasting has been around for a long time but has made a huge comeback recently. People listen to podcasts on their commute, at the gym, at work...Audiences love the ability to access a podcast anytime at their convenience. 

Podcasts are audio recordings you can download from places like iTunes and websites. 

There is a podcast for EVERY industry. Wellness, internet marketing, real estate, sports, investing, parenting, animal rescue, karate, yoga, movies, face painting, energy healing, you name it.

From general to super niche topics, you can find 50+ podcasts right now that have your exact audience. 

 Use the search tool on the podcast app to find podcast topics. 

Use the search tool on the podcast app to find podcast topics. 

Podcast interviews usually work like this:

Podcaster calls you before your interview on your cell, landline or through Skype, Zoom or another video service where they can record the call. 

Podcaster then edits the interview, adding their personal introduction. (can take a day or weeks depending on a handful of factors). 

Podcaster then publishes your podcast interview so it can be downloaded on iTunes. The host shares your podcast episode with their audience (website, social media, email lists) and you then share it with your audience. 

Not all podcasts are interview oriented, some are simply the host(s) talking.

You'll want to search for podcasts that welcome guests. 

Your strategy should be this

If you have not previously been interviewed and are new to media coverage, seek out an up and coming podcaster so you can get used to the format. 

Once you have a few beginner podcast interviews down, use those as leverage to convince a podcaster with a large audience to interview you. Podcast interviews can also help you score coverage on other types of media outlets like radio, magazines, newspapers, blogs and television. 

How to find the right podcast

Search for podcasters using the Podcast app on iTunes (or a podcast app for Google Play if you don't have an iPhone), looking for podcasts who have listeners that are the audience you are trying to reach. 

Direct Messaging on Instagram and Twitter are also some ways to reach out to podcasters. This way they can get a feel for you by viewing your profile and determine if you would be a good fit on their podcast. 

What to ask a podcaster so they say yes to having you on an episode

Your ask is your pitch. Stay tuned this week when I show you how to create the perfect pitch so you win the interview. 

Feeling Inspired?

Consider creating your own podcast if you can commit to a regular broadcast schedule. It is an amazing opportunity to network and have special guests on furthering your reach. Squarespace websites have an option inside them to easily upload and host your podcasts. If this is something you'd like guidance on, contact me.


Once a major podcaster sees you’ve been interviewed a couple of times by a smaller or mid-sized podcaster they are more likely to take interest. Start small, work your way up. Link all your interviews to your website.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Day 2 of PR Coaching...

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