Ashley, Wow! Thank you for all of your effort and personalized thoughts into helping me grow my business. I really hope I can offer my clients the same caliber of work that you do.
— Sheena Rubino - Westhampton Beach, NY. Yoga Teacher, Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
I’m so impressed and excited to implement your ideas. It was so much fun meeting with you and I loved your guidance and enthusiasm! Love, Peace and Gratitude!
— Annie Spade - Austin, TX. Owner & Founder of Montessori School
Heather Elizabeth, founder of S.H.I.N.E. shares her experience having Ashley Steinmetz of Perfect Wave Marketing guide her in transitioning from only seeing clients in-person, to now offering online services, programs and memberships that complement her mission.

Supporting Humanity In Navigating Evolution

Heather feels that it is her life’s purpose to support the evolutionary shift that is happening upon the planet and has created a powerful program called SHINE that is designed to provide practical tools to discover one’s truth and therefore live an authentic and joyful life. 

To support Heather Elizabeth in her efforts, Ashley provided the following marketing guidance:

√ Guided her on transitioning her business from relying solely on in-person sessions for 100% of her income to now serving clients online via zoom sessions and creating additional revenue streams including:

√ Creating two online SHINE programs: Plotting Your Course and Maiden Voyage (clients pay $800)

√ One online membership site: Magic of Manifestation Moon Tribe (sells for $33 every 28 days)

√ One virtual package offer: SHINE kit (sells for $33)

√ Partnering with Instagram influencers without money exchanging hands.

√ Public relations and media coverage opportunities.

√ Marketing and sales strategy. 

√ Ashley also guided Heather on an email marketing strategy, Facebook advertising, creating webinars, writing compelling copy and producing videos. 

SHINE 11 week online programs that Heather teaches live.

SHINE 11 week online programs that Heather teaches live.

Membership site - Heather offers a once per moon membership site with private access for members to live moon circles, materials and meditations.

Membership site - Heather offers a once per moon membership site with private access for members to live moon circles, materials and meditations.

SHINE Kit - a virtual package that anyone can purchase and download instantly.

SHINE Kit - a virtual package that anyone can purchase and download instantly.


Karen Cay is an intuitive, sacred energetic healer, Reiki Master/teacher, and a healer's healer.

Ashley has provided her with the following:

√ Guidance on transitioning from her corporate job to being a full-time light worker.

√ Creating compelling offers and services around her sacred gifts.

√ Designing a website that speaks to her ideal client. https://www.herecomesyoursun.com

√ Creating a turn-key virtual training package for Reiki Masters everywhere to use to attune Reiki students. It includes manuals and presentations for teaching Reiki 1, 2, 3 along with marketing materials and email scripts that Reiki Masters can easily use to begin teaching Reiki today. This package. (Sells for $444)

√ Designed a Vibe Higher virtual package (Sells for $33)

√ Coached Karen on how to offer a monthly high vibe membership site called 'Vibe Lighter'.

√ Photo and video shoots. 

√ Marketing, Sales and Public Relations Strategy expertise shared.

Website design for https://www.herecomesyoursun.com/

Website design for https://www.herecomesyoursun.com/

Created compelling offers and service descriptions.

Created compelling offers and service descriptions.

Reiki Master Empowerment program, turn key package for Reiki Master/Teachers

Reiki Master Empowerment program, turn key package for Reiki Master/Teachers

YEMAYA Island Hideaway & Spa

yemaya yoga deck.jpg
Little Corn Island, Nicaragua

A boutique yoga and wellness Caribbean hotel.

“Ashley won our hotel featured publicity in major magazine outlets in print and online including Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast which lead to even more international media coverage, retreat bookings, website visits and social media followers, positioning Yemaya as a top destination for yoga and wellness retreats in the Caribbean. 
Ashley and her team travelled to our island hotel and provided superior advisement in transforming our yoga and wellness offerings, showing us how to best present ourselves in person and online to increase our retreat and group bookings. Afterwards, she worked with our spa and group managers to design a retreat guide, press kit, beach logo, and several ads for us that were featured in Yoga Journal Magazine, Wanderlust and other leading wellness outlets and events. 
Ashley is the consummate professional who is always a joy to work with and eager to provide fresh solutions and creative suggestions that showcase our island hotel as a top destination for yoga and wellness retreats. "

Michael Bitton, GM - Yemaya Island Hideaway & Spa



Gina Cacavalla
Multi-destination retreats, yoga teacher training, workshops and healing Ayurveda services. Westhampton Beach, New York and Maui, Hawaii
"Thanks to Ashley Steinmetz I was ready to rename, redesign and rebrand my business AyurYogaSpa, from a regional and home base location to scenic travel destinations with personalized retreats, group trainings, and concierge services on line, at home and on the beach. 
Through Ashley's years of experience, expertise and skillful insight, she helped me transform my old business model to a new improved, inspired model, based on my professional evolution, goals and desires. Business meetings with Ashley are always educational, motivational and fun!
I am so grateful to Ashley Steinmetz and her team at Perfect Wave. She and her team are so passionate about their work, each individual client and their vision.
I love my work and was looking for a credible, inviting and professional on line presence, a way to broaden my reach, educate and build a following... all of which Ashley delivered.
Ashley and I meet seasonally for AyurYogaSpa Retreat marketing plans and outreach as well as for my certified training programs. We continue to creatively cycle public relation and social media campaigns based on an event, product or service I wish to share. 
As passionate, creative and hardworking as I am, when it comes to todays marketing strategies, 
I could have never thought of or accomplished for AyurYogaSpa what Ashley Steinmetz has done for me. Leave it to an expert!"

Gina Caccavalla, AHP CAS, PKS, CMT ERYT 500

Founder - AyurYogaSpa



"Our team at Next Level Ride loved working with Ashley Steinmetz !!!
She did such an amazing job designing our brand identity including our logo, website, landing page and merchandise mock-ups. She spearheaded our public relations strategy winning Next Level Ride local and regional press in popular print and digital publications. Ashley even arranged to have our brand introduced at the Sundance Film Festival where top tier media, celebrities and major influences from around the world got passes to our wakeboard park! She held our hand through all the marketing questions and direction we required. Ashley sincerely is passionate about seeing Next Level Ride Wake Park succeed! The team at NLR HIGHLY recommends Ashley Steinmetz!!! "



"Ashley is a true professional and amazing at what she does. For this reason we (Hidden Falls Golf Club) have come to her for simple and complex marketing projects. From public relations to restructuring of our offers, we have experienced significant increases in tee time bookings, tournaments and group events which dramatically continues to escalate our sales. We were truly blown out of the water with how our new online presence looks and performs. We are truly blessed to have her in our corner. Thank you, Ashley!"