Everything you need to get your business marketing off the ground. We will take care of getting your online presence set up, looking amazing and ready to welcome customers. 

Our New Business Marketing Starter Packages were designed to take any worry about online marketing off your plate so that you could concentrate on all the other tasks of opening a business. We have a combined 25 years of sales, marketing, design and business, allowing us to swoop in and provide first class service with attention to detail and forward thinking. 

These packages offer a quick turnaround without cutting corners and still have the quality of a customized first class design unique to your business. These packages are an excellent fit for businesses looking to establish their online presence for the first time or to completely refresh with new branding.

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Responsive Website Design • Facebook and Instagram Set Up • Email Marketing

This Includes:

Design Session (Approximately 90-120 minutes)

During this session - 

  • You'll tell us your business vision and we'll begin to formulate the layout of your website.
  • We'll provide intelligent marketing suggestions and design options that complement your goals. 
  • We'll spot opportunities and bring them to light so your website and social media designs are a magnet for your ideal clients and customers.

First Class Website Design (Six Pages) - Responsive + Mobile & Tablet Friendly

What's included - 

  • Copy and design for each page that matches your business brand and personality.
  • Call to actions on each page and email sign ups to capture to grow your sales.
  • Capable of selling virtual and physical products.
  • Integrated with Mailchimp to collect emails and grow your audience.

High Powered Email Integration + Automatic Welcome Email

What's included - 

  • Setting up your Mailchimp email software account and integrating it with your new website.
  • One custom branded email template that you can use again and again.
  • One custom welcome email with a special offer from your business that your new subscribers automatically receive when they add their email to your website and social media sign up forms.

Social Media Set Up and Banner Design { Facebook & Instagram }

What's included - 

  • Facebook set up and securing your Facebook business URL 
  • Facebook banner and profile image design
  • Facebook integrated on your new website
  • Mailchimp integrated on Facebook page to collect emails from your Facebook followers
  • Instagram Set Up
  • Instagram profile image design
  • Instagram profile written
  • Instagram integrated on website



Need this project completed even faster? Have it in 20 days. Simply add $500.00

Have questions? It would be our pleasure to answer them.

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*Fast track option available

This package includes:


√ One (60 minute) marketing Q & A session with us where you can ask us anything about succeeding in sales, marketing, public relations and business. 

√ 12-Month Marketing Blueprint - Everything you need to know to market and grow profits the first year of opening your new business in a customized 12-month marketing blueprint PDF designed specifically for your business.

You'll learn how to:

  • Turn your Instagram audience into paying clients and customers
  • Turn your Facebook audience into paying clients and customers
  • Build an excellent online reputation 
  • Activate your community to be your best brand ambassadors for your business
  • Win positive media attention in your local newspapers, magazines, blogs and tv stations
  • Use your website to be a 24/7 selling powerhouse
  • Grow your email list full of high quality paying clients and customers
  • Design email campaigns that increase your sales



Need this project fast tracked? Have it in 30 days. Simply add $500.00 

Have questions? It would be our pleasure to answer them.

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Not sure what to do?

We offer a two hour New Business Advisory consultation. During this session we meet with you, learn about your business and provide several solution oriented suggestions that match what your goals are for your business. These marketing and sales solutions tend to be eye openers that get you thinking in ways of how to increase your profits that perhaps you were not thinking of before. We can map out your marketing and sales trajectory over the course of the next year so you start off on the right foot with as much earning potential as possible as soon as you open your doors. You'll know exactly what to do first, for example, website, social media advertising, email marketing or traditional marketing and what your game plan should be. This consultation will leave you feeling very confident. You are not obligated to hire us for a new business starter package after your advisory consultation but should you decide you'd like to work with us, we can provide a customized solution or choose from the two packages above. 

Schedule your 2 hour New Business Advisory Consultation with us today. 

Fee: $297