Is Your News Really News To Anyone Besides You?

PR is a different ball game than advertising so forget what you know. It is time to think OUTSIDE of the box. Once you start seeing opportunities this way, you'll be able to spot them a mile away. It's like the last scene of the Matrix where Keanu Reeves is in the hallway and the millions of green symbols start to take shape. He no longer just sees green symbols. He sees what has been right in front of him the whole time. 

How To Become a Six and Even SEVEN Figure Business Overnight

Imagine getting your business featured in a magazine or in an influential blog without spending any money on advertising.  I’ve seen businesses transform from average…to six and seven figure businesses overnight after getting media coverage.  That is the beauty of public relations versus advertising. With public relations, you don’t pay to be placed… instead, you channel your creative genius and create a story idea to pitch to the media.

Below I’m sharing with you the exact short cuts that I’ve picked up in the last dozen years of pitching journalists, editors and anyone in the media. Pitching is the process of selling the media on a story angle, in order to get them to feature your business in their respective outlet (magazine, tv, radio, podcast, online). When you combine all of these pitching techniques, you DRAMATICALLY increase your chances of media coverage which translates into overnight celebrity, insane sales and an awesome, trustworthy business reputation.

Journalists and reporters are swamped with pitches in their inbox every day. They are up against deadlines and are looking for the crème de la crème of story ideas. In a sea of less than average pitches, discover how to increase your chances of getting media coverage and achieving A-List status with journalists. Once you learn these secrets, you will start reaping the rewards of an effective public relations strategy without spending money on advertising.


Most likely it is email. Very few want you to call them. I have never in twelve years of working with the media come across anyone wanting to be faxed a press release.

Something for you to look forward to … After you prove you are a great source for a stand out story, you may be invited to call the journalist directly on their cell phone the next time you have anything worthwhile to share. And this is an awesome perk! Trust me. You want every possible advantage to get your pitch heard.


I have a very high percentage of open rates for myself and my clients when I pitch the media. How do I do this? I create a personalized, enticing subject line that grabs the attention of THAT SPECIFIC JOURNALIST, leading them to open the email and find out more. I am not a fan of sending the same email (cut and paste) and mass distributing. Make the journalists feel special by letting them know you did your homework on them. It pays off BIG TIME!!!


The biggest myth is that you have to send your pitch and press release to every media outlet ever known to man to increase your odds of your story being picked up. The best strategy to have your pitches read is to PERSONALIZE and thoughtfully pick out the journalists that are perfect for your story. I cherry pick a handful of journalists and I send them personalized emails. This shows them I know their work and writing style as well as audience. I highly recommend this strategy.  It works like a charm!


Get a sense of a journalist’s personality and how they communicate. What they are posting on their blogs and on social media will give you powerful insight into how to appeal to them when you send your pitch via email.


Know their beat (what they cover). You want to send your pitch to someone whose audience matches yours. Respect their time by only sending them stories that will appeal to their audience.


Journalists are busy. I mean B-U-S-Y. Some journalists may shoot you an email and let you know when to expect your story to run, some may not. Be sure and set up Google Alerts and other tracking methods to follow your story coverage.  These insights are invaluable and save you time, money and energy when planning your public relations strategy.


A folder with high-resolution images, business bio, your bio, complete contact details including your cell phone (drop everything when a journalist calls you!) and any necessary links, video, articles, etc. that complement your pitch. Time is of the essence and you don’t want to be frantically saving and searching for images and documents after a journalist has shown interest in your story. Have everything ready to go (all of your supporting files) in a saved Google Folder or Dropbox folder so you can send them the direct link.


Be sincere and courteous throughout the entire process from start to finish when dealing with journalists. They are a conduit between you and your audience and have the resources to literally MAKE YOUR BRAND OVERNIGHT into a SIX or even SEVEN figure business. After your story has run, write a handwritten thank you (yes I said handwrittenJ ) and be sure and give them some love on social media for their excellent writing/reporting skills. Their higher ups are paying attention and kind words go a long way. They won’t forget this kind gesture from you. Offer to be a resource to them and forward them story ideas they may be interested in, even when its about another business.


Ask yourself, is what I’m sharing newsworthy? Does this story fit in with my public relations strategy? Do I have measures in place to maximize my media coverage once the story runs? Remember, journalists want to be media rock stars with major story traction. They want a ton of views, mentions, and shares of the stories they feature. At the end of the day, it’s about EXCEPTIONAL STORIES THAT GENERATE BIG NUMBERS. Help yourself and the journalist by delivering to them a great story for their body of work. Thinking this way is the difference between landing an awesome feature placement for your story and getting your email pitch tossed in the trash. Do this and your pitches will be read first every time.

Need a little extra help?

Imagine story angles that are magnets for the press and that get you featured in the media, without signing a long-term contract and paying a high monthly retainer to a PR expert

I've gotten clients featured several times in Conde Nast, Travel + Leisure, NY Times, Wall Street Journal, GQ, Yoga Journal, Austin Fit, Austin Statesman...and the list goes on and on with local, regional, national and international press. Here is what a recent client said about me:

“Ashley won our hotel featured publicity in major magazine outlets in print and online including Travel + Leisure and Conde Nast which lead to even more international media coverage, retreat bookings, website visits and social media followers, positioning Yemaya as a top destination for yoga and wellness retreats in the Caribbean."  Michael Bitton – GM, Yemaya Hideaway & Spa

I am partnered with Cision, the number one global public relations company in the world. This allows me access to media opportunities unavailable to the general public. And not just in print, I am also able to win you tv, radio and online interviews and mentions.

When you hire me, you won’t pay high monthly retainers because I simply don't have the overhead. In fact you pay way less than you would for a big agency with 20-100 employees PLUS you get more value because you deal directly with me. I work with local to top tier journalists and media outlets daily.

Here is what happens when you have great publicity:

·      Local, regional, even international exposure for your business

·      Major influencers positively post about your business online

·      Insane increase in profits

·      Excellent reputation and 5 star reviews online

·      Opportunities for expansion and growth

·      Regular income

·      Proud of your business

·      Public recognition

·      You get to make an impact in the world for the better, however that may look to you

Does having an expert handling your PR while you do what you do best sound like a smart plan? What are you waiting for?

Let's get started. I provide PR services to anyone, anywhere in the world. Contact me today  



Let's Be Honest With Each Other...You Did NOT Come Here to Be Average

Let's be honest with each did not come here to be average

It's time to get what you deserve.

I suppose I started my business out of compassionate frustration.

What I mean is, I could not take one more minute of seeing awesome and talented individuals playing small any longer.

"I can't...."
"It will never happen."
"That's impossible."
"I can't because I have kids."
"I can't because my partner..."
"It's too much work."
"I didn't go to school for that." 

These were the excuses I was hearing when I started asking people why they weren't doing what they loved for money. 

The language we use to speak to ourselves about what we desire in life is incredibly powerful. IMMEASURABLY POWERFUL. And once you speak it or even think it, your body and the universe acts accordingly. Everything will fall in to line as you have commanded. Whether you choose uplifting, positive commands or disempowering, helpless commands. The world around you delivers 100% of the time. 

This is great news for you! Because you are in total control of the language you speak and think. No one else.

So start being nice to yourself. Incredibly nice. 

Start acting as if.

Start commanding what you want out of this life.

Let me ask you a question. If this really is your one shot, in a physical body, in this speck of time, what does it matter what anyone else thinks? You did not come here to be average, my friend. You came here to play like a CONFIDENT GIANT. To make a difference in only the way YOU can.

One of my gifts that I love to give is empowering individuals to take their businesses to a level of prosperity that they have only dreamed. It is here where you can do anything you want, whenever you want. Joy and opportunities and magical experiences live here. This is what life is all about! This is what you came here for!

I have been in marketing for a dozen years now. I've launched thousands of marketing strategies for hundreds of businesses while working for other companies, and in my own business for the last seven years. It's fair to say I can tell you what works quickly and what takes a little longer. And I can unequivocally tell you what is a complete waste of time, money and energy:)


I'm on a mission, born from compassionate frustration. I created a free resource that can be positively transformative when applied whole-heartedly. ANYONE can do this! I'm talking about my step-by-step guide in my next blog post 'How To Transform Your Business to Six and EVEN SEVEN Figures Overnight!' 

You CAN ABSOLUTELY 100% take your business from struggling/average to SIX and even SEVEN FIGURES OVERNIGHT using this one simple strategy. I have seen it happen with my own two eyes.

In this next blog post, I explain, step-by-step exactly how to do this. 

Sending Blessings of Prosperity Your Way,


I am a firm believer in purging. Not just clothes or furniture but also people. Toxic relationships and toxic clients are huge energy soul suckers. And I go big with this one, even purging (GASP!) relatives. Because blood or not, there are those that will absolutely take advantage of your love and kindness over and over without any regard to your happiness. And that realization sucks and it hurts deeply. The biggest relief that I have ever felt in my life might surprise you. It served me emotionally, spiritually, mentally and financially. It was not getting the largest contract (so far) of my life signed (although that was ah-mazing)... but instead, it was getting rid of that which no longer served me. And in my case that meant people both professionally and personally.

And as a result, something EXTRAORDINARY happened.

A huge weight was lifted. I felt lighter. My days were no longer spent juggling the petty drama of others. I was FREE.

I was able to 100% FOCUS on what I WANTED IN LIFE. I became a thousand times more productive. I was able to spend time helping the causes I cared about and growing the business of my dreams made up of rockstar clients.

I began to CURATE my life piece by piece. SUCCESS AND HAPPINESS is now on the agenda each and every day.

I want to give you a heads up though. When you make happiness and positivity a priority… it is going to freak some people out. I’m serious. They are going to wonder what happened to the old you. They become uncomfortable around you, even critical or judgy because your elevated shift in consciousness is not conducive to your previous relationship makeup. And that’s cool. Because that is their journey. But DO NOT dim your light and play small. Heed the call for evolution. Your intuition is telling you its time.

IMAGINE being the curator of your life.
What pictures of people, clients, experiences, and feelings would hang on your walls? What (or who) do you know on a cellular level is time to show the door? 

Once you do this with clients and people in your personal life, an AWESOME tribe starts orbiting you. Tribe = People, friends, clients, relatives, animals.

Signs that you are honing in on your tribe:

  • They are genuinely supportive of you.
  • They appreciate your uniqueness.
  • They encourage your big ideas and your expansion.
  • They get high off of your accomplishments because they understand on a molecular level how it propels them to success too.

They are the ones that don't just say they support you and give you a high-five…they are the ones that feel it on every level of their body, and their mind and their spirit. They are so incredibly happy for you that they are the ones singing your praises. They encourage and admire your expansion on all levels. And you reciprocate with open arms. 

And the same is true for the clients you start attracting. They value what you bring to the table, they are enthusiastic, they gladly pay on time (or even early) and they constantly refer you to other like-minded clients.

They do this because they totally get it. They get the POWER of interconnectedness.

They understand that LOVE transmutes jealousy, entitlement, victimhood, envy and resentment.

Be the love you want to attract. Be the enthusiastic, high vibe client you want in your life. Start putting out there the same feelings and actions that you want to experience from the people in your life. 

There is no limit to the amount of success that we can achieve when we are supporting one another.

To You Magnetizing Prosperous Love, Joy, Health and Success,


Cue The Angels Singing, Clouds Parting and Flowers Blooming Instantaneously

I've recently returned from a trip to Westhampton Beach, NY where I got to spend some time with my close friend, Gina, receive some healing sessions from some very talented lightworkers (see my instragram @ashsteinmetzpr ) and inspire some business owners to play big in business. One theme that kept coming up in conversation was 'aligning with our purpose' and what that exactly means. So I wanted to share with you just how life changing asking yourself a handful of questions can be that center around your happiness...and if you know anyone who is not enjoying this thing called life, feel free to share this with them.


This phrase seems to be everywhere now. You hear it in passing conversations, in Facebook posts, or mentioned in the email of a teacher or coach whose list you subscribed to. But what does it truly mean?
‘ALIGN WITH MY PURPOSE’….. it sounds pretty powerful, right?
Beyond just saying the words, what does it FEEL like to align with your purpose?
First, let me tell you what it’s NOT like.


  1. Being frustrated getting out of bed in the morning because you are not at all looking forward to the day.
  2. Not able to provide for yourself or family in the way you desire.
  3. Not happy mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically.
  4. Feeling of imbalance, not present. Avoidance. Procrastination. 
  5. Feeling like you are just going through the motions.
  6. Still making other people money OR making yourself money but you are not satisfied and its not rewarding. Burned out. Uninspired.
  7. You don’t feel like what you are doing is making a difference in the lives of others on the level that you know you are capable of giving. 

Do you relate to any of the above? Do you know anyone who does?
Identifying with any of these signs will be a complete turning point for you.

Why? Because the very first step in DRAMATIC LIFE TRANSFORMATION is having an awareness for what is. Knowing what is, gives you power to choose to change. To use your free will. To desire something more, something bigger, to design a life uniquely yours.

Here is what it feels like when you ARE aligned with your purpose…

(Angels singing, clouds parting, flowers blooming instantaneously)

  • You ANTICIPATE with great joy your day ahead
  • You are EAGER to share with the world your unique gifts
  • You are extremely CONFIDENT in your business and what you offer
  • You exude LOVE everywhere you go
  • You make MORE MONEY than ever and have financial freedom to travel, have fun, and help others
  • Pettiness of the little things disappear because your time is now spent focusing on all the awesomeness on its way to you
  • You are FULFILLED
  • You have MORE ENERGY and excitement for life
  • You sleep great and have peace of mind
  • Stress is a thing of the past
  • You are VALUED
  • You are abundant in love, money, health and joy
  • You spend your days doing what you love
  • You finally feel like you are LIVING YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE

And the list goes on and on….just envision AMAZING, AWESOME ABUNDANCE
This 100% ABSOLUTELY CAN AND does exist.

I invite you to have that turning point of awareness. Know that you are so deserving of an incredible life and ASK FOR IT. DEMAND IT. Pursue it. Ask questions. Seek advisors. Surround yourself with others who are aligned with their purpose. Ditch the old routines. Do whatever it takes because this is your NOW. This is your TIME. No matter what your past was or what your current state is, you can literally change your whole life right now in this instant by committing to yourself that you are going to pursue happiness from this day forward.


Today’s affirmation:   I only attract that which serves my higher self. Everything I encounter gets me closer to aligning with my purpose. All the answers I seek are within me. I am powerful beyond measure.

Today’s affirmation:

I only attract that which serves my higher self.
Everything I encounter gets me closer to aligning with my purpose.
All the answers I seek are within me.
I am powerful beyond measure.

To You Magnetizing Prosperous Love, Joy and Success,
 ~ Ashley