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How To Self-Promote On Facebook And Instagram To Win Clients Without Sounding Like You Are Bragging Or Selling Something

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Think about what you offer (services, products, experiences, opportunities, connections…whatever your business endeavor is) and then follow the five Es below to power up your posting without sounding like you are bragging or promoting anything.

Follow these 5 steps and …

√ You’ll build awareness around who you are and what you are up to

√ Your name will be synonymous with what you offer

√ People will see your name and immediately think of your business

√ You’ll build credibility – people will see YOU as an expert

√ You’ll remain relevant and at the forefront of potential client’s minds

Remember the suggestions below should gently tie into your services or products without saying “Hey you can hire me to… or buy this from me...”

Let’s get started. 

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a.     Start your post with ‘Did you know….’ type questions and follow with interesting statements

b.     Provide interesting or quirky statistics

c.      Quote professional opinions

d.     Link to reports or online articles

e.     Share things that people in the media (celebs, athletes, though leaders, moguls) are saying

f.      Share about your life

g.     Tutorials, steps to do something that solve a problem


a.     Quotes (from you and by famous people)

b.     Videos

c.      Images

d.     Personal stories


a.     Ask a question

b.     Be a resource, answer questions you see in groups and newsfeed

c.      Once a day or week - Showcase another business owner – give kudos.

d.     Offer a giveaway for participating


a.     Be a cheerleader. Sincerely encourage others who follow their dreams, are sharing happy events in their life and who could use some cheer.

b.     Promote other people’s services that are in line with what you believe, practice and how you live.

c.      Highlight other people’s wins. Remember, there is no shortage of abundance. By authentically promoting other’s wins, you attract the same for yourself!

5. END Your Post with Call To Actions or Questions

a.     To learn more visit www.yourwebsitehere.com

b.     Message me to learn more

c.      If you find this interesting, let me know in the comments

d.     Do you experience this? Let me know in the comments

e.     What do you think? Ending with a question is always a great idea!

f.      I welcome your thoughts!

Do the above consistently and it will put your name and brand in front of people regularly.

And of course, as an awesome byproduct of this, you will build credibility and brand awareness which leads to winning more clients!

When to forget everything above...

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When you have a special offer, something coming up important or something time sensitive then PROMOTE IT DIRECTLY and throw gentle promotion out the window! No one knows what's going on in your business like you do and people need to be told many, many, many times!

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