Goddesses, make 2017 an unbelievable year for your business and recalibrate your mindset for prosperity!!!

Join Marketing Expert, Ashley Steinmetz and Kundalini Rebel, Essa Keller as they co-host a two day mini retreat in Westhampton Beach, NY

All Business and Kundalini Levels Friendly!

Friday - August 11th 2017 and Saturday- August 12th 2017

$333 Early Bird Pricing Offered until Friday, July 21st

$444 beginning July 22nd

Listen to Ashley Steinmetz and Essa Keller talk about the retreat in their interview on the 'You Be You & I'll Be Me' podcast with host, Jen Kessenich. 

Click the image to listen to this audio interview.

Marketing Wisdom + Kundalini Mantra & Meditation Magnificence blended together beautifully in a two day mini-retreat. 

This is a business prosperity retreat like you have never experienced before! Goddesses will learn highly valuable marketing techniques, get crystal clear on what to offer and leave with a new passive revenue stream ready to sell immediately!  

We are totally revolutionizing the boring business retreat model....

During the retreat, you will be literally calibrated for prosperity (yep!) and learn amazing Kundalini mantra and meditation practices that will take your business and your mind to the next level!  You'll learn how to elevate your professional prosperity goals, access more energy, and enhance focus and concentration using Kundalini. By the end of the retreat, you'll be asking yourself "Kundalini yoga, where the hell have you been all my life?"

The marketing teachings, the Kundalini practices, the locations, and the food have all been thoughtfully curated to put your mind and body in a peak state of clarity and moon shot thinking so that you fully absorb all the teachings and that they are ACTIVATED in your DNA. Goddesses are invited to welcome the physical feelings of a happy buzz brought on by the Kundalini practices we have selected. 

And the takeaways are HUGE! You will leave with powerful new marketing strategies, the knowledge to create several new new passive income streams...one of which we will work on together, plus you will have game changing new Kundalini mantra and meditation self-care practices so you can access this uplifted, prosperity mindset every day for the rest of your life!


Friday Evening: The Beach       Saturday: Poolside at a Charming Residence in Westhampton Beach

During this mini retreat, you'll discover how to...

√ Get 100% crystal clear on your zone of genius. You'll discover exactly what power service you should be focusing on to tap into your unlimited abundance bank and create a new revenue stream for prosperity.

√ Learn the most important tools to be using online to better market and connect with your clients and increase your income.

√ The steps to seamlessly (and easily) transition your services to an online audience and reach millions of potential clients versus relying solely on clients in your proximity.

√ Create quick and easy content that establishes you as a credible and knowledgeable expert in your industry.

√ Best practices for growing your email list full of high value, high vibe, high paying clients

√ Learn how to speak your clients language and create compelling offers that sell

√ Introduce you to several ways to create new revenue streams (passive) to your business without hiring anyone, learning anything new or spending significant amounts of money. 

√ Get priceless advice for selling and marketing your online services effectively and quickly for free.

√ Free up several hours during your day without losing incoming revenue.

By the end of the retreat, you will have:

√ One new passive income revenue stream: A virtual package which you can immediately begin selling online. 

√ The blueprint for creating several more revenue streams quickly and easily on your own once you get home. 

√ Your new elevated business goals for the next year based on what you have learned in the retreat. This is guaranteed to excite you for all the possibilities of increased income, partnership and passion opportunities !!! 

√ Kundalini yoga & meditation daily practices to get you focused, energized and prosperous.

√ Enthusiasm for the all new ways you can begin propelling you and your business to prosperity!

√ A heart-centered group of new sisters who are supportive and like-minded


Friday 6:30pm - 8pm at the beach

Welcome, Beautiful Goddesses!!!

Prosperity tonics and vegan snacks served fire side. 

Beach Fire Ceremony to release what no longer serves you and what is holding you back from prosperity.

Beach Sound Bath to reset your mind and to invite and absorb Saturday's magnificence. 

Saturday 12:30pm - 7:00pm We will be poolside all day at Essa Keller's charming private residence in Westhampton Beach.

Kundalini practice to open and invite in magnificence for the day

Goddess intention setting

High vibe lunch composed of food and tonics to activate your brain receptors and pineal gland.

Creativity meditation

Zone of Genius/Clarity/Aha Moments

Translating your gifts into your one power service

Using mantra to manifest

Using sound current to manipulate time and space

Create your new passive revenue stream, a virtual package that clients can purchase and instantly download from your website, inside your emails and on your social media sites (WOWZA!) Replicate this formula again and again on your own at home. 

How to price, market and sell your power service and your new passive revenue stream

IQ meditation

Designing your 6 month marketing blueprint for your services with the addition of the new elevated strategies you have learned in this retreat. Including all the new revenue streams you want to introduce!

Feminine power in business

Q & A with Ashley on Marketing, Sales, and Publicity and Essa on Kundalini. Ask us anything!

Close with the intentions we set at the beginning of the day.

Total Investment: $444

Early bird gets the worm pricing is $333 :) Offered until Friday, July 21st 2017

Register today and save $111


A Prosperity Swag Bag filled with awesome gifts and tools to add to your daily self-care and business practice to keep your abundant mindset flowing well after the retreat.

Opportunities for private sessions the following days after the retreat with Ashley on marketing your business, and Essa on your Kundalini practices. 


Yogis, Energy Healers, Light Workers, Fitness Coaches, anyone in the holistic field of wellness and anyone whose business is service focused. Still wondering if this is for you? Email us

Goddesses who want to grow their business and need a quick boost of business clarity. 

Goddesses who are currently offering in-person services to clients and who want to be introduced to an easy way to create an online offer that anyone can purchase anytime online. PS- This online offer does not require you to be present. This is a virtual offer that visitors to your website can purchase and instantly download.

This is perfect for those that are time pressed and can't invest in a several day getaway. Plus, this is not your typical business retreat! We are revolutionizing the idea of the boring business retreat. You won't find board rooms, conference chairs, or business professional dress here. 

This is a heart centered retreat for ambitious Goddesses who want to get clear on their offers and services and who want to create a new revenue stream. It's packed full of priceless get ahead marketing and business wisdom and full of Kundalini prosperity activating practices sprinkled in throughout the day. 

Each component of this retreat from the marketing guidance, to the Kundalini, to the food and drinks, to the atmosphere, to the sounds and to the colors have been specifically selected to activate you into a peak state of clarity, joy and enthusiasm during your time with us and for your business future! 




Hello, Goddesses! My name is Ashley Steinmetz and I'm the owner of one of the most respected global firms in the world, Perfect Wave Marketing. I've been in sales and marketing for over 13 years and opened my own firm in Austin, Texas in 2010. Since then, I've been guiding individuals and businesses around the world, showing them how to turn their ideas into prosperous businesses. I've had the pleasure of working with yoga teachers, energy healers, shamans, wellness spas, island and eco-friendly hotels, fitness businesses, visionaries and change agents around the world. I've shown clients how to transition from their corporate jobs to being full-time healers who offer online programs, membership sites and private sessions online. And I regularly get clients featured in Yoga Journal, Travel + Leisure, Wanderlust, Conde Nast, Forbes, NY Times, Wall Street Journal.... and featured on TV, radio, podcasts and online. 

I am a huge animal lover, and love to travel around the world. I love the ocean (the name of my business was inspired by it:) and meditating. I believe we are the architects of our lives, that we are powerful beyond measure, and that the universe is 100% malleable.  I've been practicing yoga for about 6 years. But until early this year, I didn't really know much about Kundalini mantra and meditation. Enter the Goddess with an angel's voice, Essa Keller, whom I met last year in Westhampton Beach and who gave me an amazing sound healing session. She introduced me to the gloriousness that is Kundalini mantra and meditation and it immediately brightened my personal life and activated more prosperity in my business. No joke. It was like the missing piece I was looking for that brought me more energy, clarity and focus, joy and abundance in all areas of my life. I immediately wanted to share it with all Goddesses so they could be feeling what I was feeling. I knew that if business owners, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and freelancers were introduced to these practices, it would give them the confidence and clarity they desired with an abundant mindset. My favorite mantra so far is called the Magnificent Mantra which this retreat is named after. That mantra is super powerful! We will be practicing it in the retreat for sure:) And lastly, I adore the physical happy buzz/high you get from Kundalini yoga.  We have designed this mini-retreat to bring you valuable marketing strategy mixed with Kundalini prosperity activation practices. It's going to be amazing and next level. I am beyond excited to meet all the Goddesses and give you game changing marketing strategies while Essa activates you with her Kundalini mantra and meditation magic!

Sending everyone prosperity blessings! HUGE Love, Ashley


Essa Keller is a contemporary sound artist, a multi faceted maverick, and an unapologetically heretical teacher whose work speaks to one central theme : embracing the beauty of radical realness through the senses.

There’s so much more to the story than love and light. Good, bad, light, dark… it’s ALL SACRED. Essa teaches through transparency. Using the tools of Kundalini Yoga, Active Meditation, Sound Medicine, and Plant Nutrition, she’ll crack you open (nicely of course) to a profound intimacy with the sound of your own voice, and an unshakable sense of self trust. 

With nearly a decade of experience in ‘the wellness space’ (yup a decade -she's older than she looks... just another perk of these practices), Essa has racked up more then a few credentials - she holds two Masters degrees, a soon be NYS Acupuncture License, a +1000 hour yoga teaching certification, just to name a few. But degrees and certifications mean very little if you can’t actually apply the knowledge in a PRACTICAL way. Beyond the talk, Essa walks the walk. She lives her work.


How to dress: In clothes that you are very comfortable in. Yoga or loose clothes. Anything you can sit on the floor/on pillows/ or in the sand in and not feel constrained. You want your body, mind and lungs to be able to breathe deep. It's always good to bring layers (sweaters, pull overs...) so you can adjust with the temperatures outdoors. 

Locations: Friday night is outside on the beach. Saturday is poolside at a charming private residence in Westhampton Beach. 

What to bring: 

Friday: Just your Goddess self! And any extra layers you want to wear (we will be on the beach the entire time, Friday).


  • See above 'How To Dress'. We will be outside in a comfortable setting beside the pool at Essa Keller's private residence.(if the weather is less than pleasant we have a back up nearby option indoors at a sanctuary on Main street in Westhampton Beach.) There are several places to lounge and stretch on the ground, on a blanket in the grass and comfy chairs around a table. We will eat lunch outside. There will be a portion of the retreat where you may want to walk around Main street for one of the Kundalini exercises. For the most part, we will be inside on Saturday. 
  • Food and drinks will be provided but you are totally welcome to bring your favorite teas, drinks, snacks and enjoy them anytime during the retreat! 
  • Notepads and pens will be provided but for those Goddesses who prefer to type, your laptops are welcome!
  • Blankets, pillows and yoga mats will be provided but if you'd like some extra cushioning comfort, you are welcome to bring in pillows, etc. Whatever you need to be 100% comfortable and in the receptive learning zone :)

Is airfare, lodging or transportation included in the investment? It is not, so we are providing some helpful tips below on where to stay. And if you have any questions about the area, we can assist you!

Lodging Options: AirBNB, and you'll find Bed & Breakfasts and hotels when you search near Westhampton Beach, NY online. 

Transportation Options: Uber, local taxis, 

Airport: Long Island MacArthur Airport

We are so looking forward to welcoming you and guiding you to step into your prosperity in 2017 and provide you with teachings to elevate your mind, body and spirit! 

Sending you Magnificence,

Ashley Steinmetz & Essa Keller

Ready to join us?


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