Imagine …

Cultivating a community of followers on social media who buy from you, promote you, and share what you have to offer with thousands of their like-minded friends and family.

Your community knowing exactly what you offer and being able to articulate it to others clearly in conversation and online without you being present. 

Generating more revenue through a powerful, and authentic social media marketing strategy.

Being able to track your ROI when it comes to marketing.

Never having to worry about posting on social media again because you have partnered with a marketing firm that provides you first class service.



Sure, it may seem like a good idea initially to simply purchase scheduling software somewhere else because you believe you are saving money, but it still leaves you in the same predicament of having to do the work yourself. If you are not a sales, marketing and digital expert who stays on top of trends, this can be very challenging and put even more on your plate. You need time to run your business. 

Partner with us for a little more than if you were to just pay for a scheduling software and reap these powerhouse benefits:

√ A team of professionals with 25 years combined digital and traditional marketing experience 

√ A sales professional who knows how to write great copy, in your voice, that gets people to act

√ A marketing professional who knows how to identify your ideal customer and create great content

√ A design professional who knows how to create first class visuals customized to your business

√ Humans invested in your business whose ultimate goal is for your success


Need a bespoke combination of digital marketing needs? No problem. Let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen.


1. Do you have multiple business locations? We offer generous discounts when we manage all of your location’s social media accounts.

2. Annual Discounts – Receive 10% off when you pay for a year up front.

The Features List

What's Included In All Social Media Marketing Packages

We will….

√ Curate high quality, authentic content in your brand’s voice and sentiment to connect with your ideal customer and clients.

√ Create your custom editorial calendar so you know what is being posted at any given day or time.

√ Get your approval on all content before we publish.

√ Post at the optimal time to appeal to your ideal customer.

√ Evaluate the effectiveness of every piece of content we publish and identify your best publishing times.

√ Gauge customer sentiment.

√ Spot messages resonating with your audience to reach the most people.

√ Provide you with monthly in-depth reporting.

√ Analyze content to create posts that are most likely to generate high follower engagement.

√ Identify the most engaged followers and best performing posts.

√ Use the power of Google analytics to track website visitors and conversions as a result of our marketing efforts

* The Following Features Are Available In Gold and Platinum Packages Only

*Build profitable relationships with prospects on social media by targeting

their specific interests and needs. 

*Track what is being said about your brand in blogs, in the news, social networks and in comments.

*Respond on your behalf.  

What Makes Us Unique

A strategy session is included in each one of these packages. It’s in this session that you are really able to see the difference between us and other agencies who post without understanding your ideal customer or caring what is being shared.  We do not post inauthentic generic posts nor do we recycle posts from one customer to the next. 

We genuinely take the time to understand your business, your customer and your goals.

We listen and we apply our 25 years of combined marketing, business development, sales and design skills in everything we create for you.

From the written copy, to the images, to the designs, to the call to actions, to engaging your audience, to growing your sales, we infuse 110% into each and every single post we publish for you.

We spend thoughtful time with you each month extracting information and asking strategic questions so that we can deliver highly valuable content to your audience on your behalf and not come across like a robot.

We take thoughtful time to curate your posts to be in your brand’s voice and sentiment so it is as if you are posting content yourself.

We are invested in seeing your business consistently prosper financially.

Monthly A-La-Carte Additions To The Social Media Marketing Packages

Add An Advertising Campaigns To Your Social Media Marketing Package

  • Less than $1000 spent on advertising per month and our fee is $300 per month
  • More than $1000 spent on advertising per month and our fee is $400 per month

Add Email Campaigns To Your Social Media Marketing Package

  • 1 Time Email Campaign $97
  • Package of 3 Email Campaigns $194 (save $97)
  • Add 1 Email Campaign Per Month To Your Social Media Marketing Package for $75