4 Favorable Advantages Boutique and Independent Properties have over Big Brand Properties

Unique accommodations with sophisticated-charm and influenced by the locale are not the only edges your independent hotel has over big name properties.

Here are 4 favorable advantages that boutique hotels, B&Bs and independent properties will always be able to take the lead on.

You Have More Flexibility

Bigger brand name properties have red tape they have to bypass even for seemingly simple decisions to be made.

You have the advantage of:

  • Running contests

  • Partnering with local businesses

  • Giving incentives

  • Hiring and letting go

  • Implementing new procedures as you need them

  • Shifting hours for restaurant, events, retail, spa, and experiences as needed

  • Making changes to operations, sales, marketing, food & beverage, and maintenance

You Can Make Fast Decisions

When you instinctively know something needs to be done now, you can do it without waiting for email responses from higher ups in different time zones.

You have the advantage of:

  • Jumping on time sensitive opportunities that would generate revenue

  • Course correcting as soon as you see something’s not working

You Have Creative Horsepower

You can think outside the box, literally. You aren’t tied to brand standards of colors, messaging or alliances.

You can align your property with causes and foundations you are passionate about.

You can utilize local relationships to enhance your guest experience. For instance:

  • Chefs you hire

  • Products you carry

  • Events you have

  • Services you offer

  • Experiences you create

You Can Add A Personal Touch

At smaller properties, guests can experience more touch points with owners and management, enhancing their positive perception and fostering stronger guest loyalty and admiration for your property.

Personal touches might look like:

  • Greeting them at check in

  • Having a complimentary bottle of champagne sent to their table

  • Having a conversation with them in the lobby

  • Showing them a behind the scenes look at the chef preparing tonight’s meal

  • Arranging for a special experience they showed interest in

  • Sending a handwritten thank you once the guest checks out

What are some advantages you love having at your property?

Ashley Steinmetz is the founder of Perfect Wave PR and advises the hotel, travel and wellness industry on best practices to win publicity and create relationships to generate more revenue.

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