Here’s a real life PR example when I used Earth Day to attract publicity for an island hotel

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I had a client with a boutique hotel on an island in the tropics. My PR strategy for them leaned heavily on featuring what the island itself offered that you couldn’t find anywhere else making it worth the longer travel time to reach. I wanted to tie in Earth Day coming up. We created a signature spa offering that included local elements from the earth unique to the island. This eliminated using plastic bottles of products for spa services. We also designed a special restaurant menu of dishes offering local herbs from the garden, and sustainably sourced fish from the sea. The hotel didn’t have to fly or drive in these ingredients by sourcing them from thousands of miles away. We then organized for the hotel to donate a percentage of sales back to the community gardens and the local fisherman to keep the beaches and surrounding waters clean.

These offerings were featured in major print and online magazines bringing awareness to the hotel and the beautiful island where it was located. They are still requested by travelers who come to visit the hotel today.

Earth Day is Monday - April 22nd. This is the perfect opportunity to highlight what’s special about your location while doing some good for our earth.

Here are 11 PR ideas to respect the environment and promote your property simultaneously.

1.Feature an outdoor dinner event where the Chef prepares a phenomenal meal using local ingredients that don’t have to be shipped in

2. Partner with a local eco-friendly business to carry or showcase their products

3. Provide experiences like nature hikes to highlight the local plants and animals. Have options that invite people to unplug and see what’s right outside.

4. Create a signature spa experience using local ingredients

5. Organize a trash clean up in your neighborhood or nearby beach

6. Implement a new recycling program at your property

7. List all the ways your property already is environmentally friendly 365 days of the year and the impact it has percentage wise.

8. Partner with a local business or school and plant trees

9. Offer outdoor yoga with a view to appreciate natural surroundings

10. Think of upscale, clever ways to offer reusable items

11. Align with a cause whose mission is to respect the planet and donate money to them

Don’t forget to let the media know!

You can bring awareness to respecting our planet while getting publicity at the same time. It’s a WIN WIN for the planet and your property.

What are some ways you plan to incorporate Earth Day in your PR strategy? I’d love to read about them!

Ashley Steinmetz is the founder of Perfect Wave PR and advises the hotel, travel and wellness industries on best practices to win publicity and create relationships to generate more revenue. You can reach her via email

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