If you love the idea of opening a magazine and seeing your property beautifully featured, you’re in the right place.


Learn exactly how to win publicity on your own for your business as good as or better than a PR professional. By the end of our time together, public relations will come naturally to you and feel like an instinctive skill set. You’ll learn how to save hundreds of thousands by executing your own PR strategy in house and how to win the equivalent of hundreds of thousands or more in publicity. This 2 day power packed training teaches only the best PR practices and is customized to your individual business. It’s an invaluable training will benefit you for the rest of your life and put you light years ahead of the competition. 

Provided at your location (or virtually). Available for brands with one to multiple locations.

This workshop is for brands in the travel, hospitality or wellness industries that don’t have the budget to hire a PR agency. Instead, they have existing employees or management who can be trained to be PR experts themselves.

To find out if it’s a fit for you, contact Ashley Steinmetz and schedule a complimentary 30 minute discussion.


You want to be featured in top media outlets but don’t have the budget to pay an agency to win you this publicity. 

You love the idea of opening a magazine and seeing your property beautifully featured.

You know publicity would lead to increased sales, brand recognition, loyalty and credibility.

You like the idea of knowing how to use public relations yourself at your convenience and right when the idea strikes.

If someone could just show you what to promote, who to contact, what to say —- you’d feel confident. 

A professional PR with 15 years sounds like the best person to teach you this skill set. 

You’re busy so you don’t have time to spend weeks and months learning public relations.

You love the idea of someone making it easy for you to utilize PR and give you a customized action plan to follow.

You’d love to have a successful PR strategy that you or your team can implement themselves without adding more to your plates.


PR can be expensive. Agencies can charge up to hundreds of thousands of dollars to execute your PR strategy.

You no longer have to have a huge budget to get in major publications like T + L or The New York Times or to be featured on The Travel Channel.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small bed & breakfast, boutique hotel or collection of independent hotels, you deserve to be featured in top media outlets the same as companies with big budgets to spend on PR.

PR is a total game changer for sales, branding and reputation. It has fastest possibility out of any marketing strategy to transform companies overnight.

It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Once you land media coverage, it continues to send you website traffic, sales, opportunities and other possibilities for more media coverage.

It’s the most affordable solution and quickest route to PR for your property/company provided by a PR expert who specializes in the travel, hospitality and wellness industries.

You’re tired of spending money on strategy that doesn’t work.

You want to be in the driver seat of your success with a strong team who has the skill set to deploy a strategy the moment you think of it.

You know your company best. There’s no better person to promote it than you. Which is why once you have the PR skill set this training delivers, you’ll have everything you need to be more successful than if you hired an agency.  

You aren’t committed to a contract, or forced to partner with an agency for PR results.


Meeting your goals for sales, branding and reputation.

Securing powerful relationships with the media.

Creating sustainable, long term success.

Winning media coverage in the outlet you’re after

Having a confident individual or team at your property who can add PR to their skill set

Learning how to navigate the media (tv, magazines, influencers, online sites, podcasts and radio)

Not paying an agency a huge fee with a long term contract and still winning media coverage


Ashley Steinmetz - Owner _ Founder of Perfect Wave Marketing & PR.jpg

Ashley Steinmetz has been in public relations for 15 years and catered to the hospitality, travel and wellness industries around the globe. She’s won clients media coverage in places like Travel + Leisure, The New York Times and Conde Nast and many more. She now advises these industries on best practices to use PR to generate revenue and offers this through long term consulting and her PR SUCCESS WORKSHOP.

Ashley’s passion for all businesses to thrive, no matter their budget, lead her to design the PR SUCCESS WORKSHOP. It’s a power packed culmination of exactly what you need to do to confidently execute a PR strategy and reap the boundless rewards it brings. This workshop has Ashley’s proven system that she uses for herself and clients to win publicity and create long lasting sustainable success using PR. Most trainings are weeks and even months, this is a 1-2 day fun and focused training providing only what you need. She’ll train marketing managers, GMs or your chosen employee during this workshop.

To find out if this workshop is a fit for you, contact Ashley Steinmetz and schedule a complimentary 30 minute discussion.



√ By the end of our time together, you’ll have a solid understanding of what public relations is and how to use it to reach your goals and jump leaps and bounds beyond your sales and guest loyalty expectations.

√ You’ll be trained to naturally have PR eagle eye for existing opportunities to get publicity at your property and how to create brand new opportunities.

√ You’ll walk away with an action plan that you can start implementing immediately and the confidence to do it.




  • Intro to Public Relations / What is it/ The different types of PR/What’s right for you

  • Learn the difference between Public Relations, Advertising and Marketing

  • See great and not so great examples of PR (in your industry)


  • What can PR do for specifically for you / Ashley will tell you all possibilities

  • Create your opportunity to get publicity (unique angles, what to promote) / we’ll point out exactly what you should be promoting right now that is your quickest route to PR gold.


  • Create your unique media list (who to contact, how to find them, what to say/send them)

  • Learn exactly what to say in a verbal pitch and in an email pitch

  • Get Ashley’s Power Press Release Formula to write releases that get picked up

  • Create your Editorial Calendar

  • Learn how to measure results / what to look for/ how to track success

  • You’ll get Ashley’s Pitch Email Scripts and Templates to use

  • Find out the best resources to find existing opportunities

  • Learn to scout opportunities by media outlet


  • Your PR action plan

  • Who does what and when

  • Planning for success

  • Promoting / leveraging your wins for more wins

    Ready to see what’s possible for you?

    Contact Ashley for your complimentary 30 minute discussion.